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If I’m honest this was the most difficult part of the website to create. What do people like to know, are they interested at all?

My Story

Let’s start in 1996, at the age of 21 when I had completed my HND in International Textiles at Cleveland College of Art and Design...

Inspired and motivated to begin my own business in something creative. And with the support of fantastic parents, that summer saw the purchase of a large caravan which, for a year, with family in tow I exhibited at most of the large stately home Craft Fairs. Selling mainly, machine embroidered pictures and some home furnishings with the odd card along the way. A great time with many happy memories. Along side this studying further, gaining a Degree in Surface Pattern Design. To make life busier I became pregnant with my 1st child & Joe was born in June 1998. 

It was the birth of Joe that led to my Dad giving me probably the best bit of business advise I have ever received and that was, ‘1 person might buy 1 thing at £100 but 100 people might buy something for £1.00’. Not trying to hinder my creativity and deter me away from being a textile artist he was concerned that, now with a child to support, I needed to go a little more main stream with design to bring in more sales. On this advice I looked at what sold and although it was lovely that there were TR embroidered pictures hanging up on living room walls across the country. In fact, it was the greetings cards where the 'bread and butter' came from and it was with that, that my greetings card business began! 

Selling at first only to the general public but then in a few local gift shops. It wasn’t long before 1 gift shop became 600, 1 sales agent became 12. 1 child became 3. Richard and I having Molly in 2000 and Alice in 2002. 

As the years have past I have been lucky enough to adorn the shelves of such retailers as Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis through to small independent post offices and art galleries. Work sometimes involves designing for various 3rd party companies on a licensing bases which adds further interest to my work. And also private commissions for people. No matter what I do or design I still, after all these years love being creative. 

I find inspiration from all sorts of things and mainly work in 2 styles. The 1st being a more true to life, pencil sketch type style of illustration which appeals to the more mature market. And the style that I more widely known for and that’s my quirky style that nearly always consists of a girly character doing something cute! The last few years has seen a great success in me using a combination of illustration and laser cut wood. Who knows what style I might work in next! 

A design using a mixture of illustration and bespoke laser wooden pieces
A design using a mixture of illustration and bespoke laser wooden pieces.
Quirky, girly and what I well known for!
Quirky, girly and what I'm
well known for!
Design featuring my more true to life style of drawing
Design featuring my more true to life style of drawing

It is with the continued support from my now mature Children, a very cute grandchild, great parents and the most fabulous partner Phil that allows me to still do what I love and enjoy every single day of my life & for that I would like to thank them. 

However, the biggest thanks must go to you, my customers, the person reading this. Who without your support & purchases over the years none of this would be possible. 

Tracey xx
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